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Affiliated Departments

COGNITIVE & INFORMATION SCIENCES focuses on how cognition and intelligent behaviors emerge in systems of variable size and structure, ranging from individuals to groups of individuals, including artificial agents; applied to compelling problems in social cognition, human dimensions of information technologies, artificial intelligence ethics, and individual and collective decision making under uncertainty.



ECONOMICS & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT focuses on empirical microeconomic analysis using advanced econometric techniques to identify causal effects and economic mechanisms, with the goal of guiding effective policy design and efficient resource allocation; applied to compelling problems in health, environment, income and savings, innovation, migration and education.




MANAGEMENT OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS focuses on how to reconcile sustainability-oriented decision making and management of complex coupled human-technological-natural systems with the constraints imposed by holistic “people, planet, and profit” values; applied to compelling problems in service system innovation, climate change, land and natural resource management, and information systems.